• American Welding Society Standards eLibrary
Frequently Asked Questions
How does a company gain access to the AWS Standards eLibrary?

A company must first become an AWS Corporate Member, and then opt for access to the AWS Standards eLibrary as one of its benefit options.

What method of authentication is used for granting access?

Access is opened via IP address authentication for a single site of the Corporate Member. If IP address access is not viable for the Corporate Member, then access using a loginid and password can be set up and implemented.

Are there limits to the number of users who can access at the selected site of the Corporate Member?

No. An unlimited number of users may access at the same time as long as they are accessing from within the defined IP addresses of the institution, or using the loginid and password that has been established.

If an employee is working offsite on a project (but are normally located at the selected site), are they able to access the resource remotely?

They may access remotely, but only if the Corporate Member has an established proxy server and the IP addresses of the proxy server are identified when the subscription is implemented.

Can I print any of the content?

No. The AWS Standards eLibrary is a read-only service.

Am I able to cut and paste information from the content?

No. This is not a permitted use of the product.

Does the content get updated during the course of a membership year?

Yes, the content is automatically updated giving Corporate Members the most up-to-date versions of the standards

Does AWS Standards eLibrary include access to other publishers like API and ASTM?

No. The service only enables access to AWS standards.

What if I want more than one site to have access to the AWS Standards eLibrary?

The member benefit is specifically for a single site selected by the Corporate Member. AWS offers for sale electronic subscriptions which may satisfy your company’s needs at other sites.

What are the recommended browsers to view the documents?

The recommended browsers are: Google Chrome 66.0 or later, Microsoft Edge 41.1 or later, Mozilla FireFox 52.0 or later. Any other browser may not display the documents correctly.